Ka’elehua Compound

Hokuli'a Estate Site 170

Stunning Views, Exceptional Privacy

The Ka’elehua Compound is a modern Pacific home on a site graced with unimpeded sun and trade winds. The design successfully takes advantage of its climate and view, while framing the lifestyle above. This home formed the concept of “living lana`i”.

Due to the unique topography of Hokuli’a, Estate Site 170 offers stunning views and exceptional privacy.

The structures are organized on stepped terraces resting on the natural basalt land while tropical gardens surround all living areas. The elevation of the structures blend the topography with the surroundings and enhances the impressive Ocean and Golf Views.

The Ka’elehua Compound is comprised of five main zones:

  1. Arrival Experience
  2. Arrival Court
  3. Family Zone
  4. Guest Zone
  5. Service Zones

Ewing Legacy Estates wants their owners and guests to be able to enjoy tropical living overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Jack Nicklaus Golf Course amongst beautiful gardens with a sense of privacy. Lifestyle like a boutique hotel; the service areas are separated from the gathering to minimize noise disturbance.

An intimately scaled complex of six structures – Main Gathering Pavilion, Master Pavilion, floating Library/Study, two-bedroom Guest Pavilion, Junior Master Pavilion and Garage - accommodating living, dining, and service functions; linked by a grassed lawn and tropical gardens set amid a palm grove.

Zone Key:

(1) Family Room (2) Kitchen (3) Living Room (4) Detached Master Bedroom (5) Detached Guest Room(s) (6) Lana`i (7) Library / Study (8) 3 Car Garage (9) Auto Court (10) Entry Garden (11) Water Feature (12) Negative Edge Pool (13) Lawn (14) Entry Drive (15) Mechanical Room (16) Laundry (17) Existing Tree (18) BBQ Area (19) Agriculture (20) Street

The Family Zone

Embracing the Outdoors

The lana`i at the center of the main gathering pavilion is both the heart and the intersection of the complex. This is the primary social space and the bridge from the mauka (ocean) to the makai (mountain) sides of the site, framing the blue Pacific beyond.

The lana`i opens completely to the outdoors, with three layers of floor to ceiling sliding doors; wood shutters provide privacy with ventilation; wood framed glass doors help deflect the rain and wind; and screen panels prevent insects from entering while encouraging airflow and appreciation of the garden and ocean.

Family Zone Key:

(1) Family Room (2) Kitchen (3) Living Room (4) Detached Master Bedroom (5) Detached Guest Room(s) (6) Lana`i (7) Library/Study (8) 3 Car Garage (9) Autocourt (10) Junior Master Suite (11) Water Feature (12) Negative Edge Pool (13) Lawn (14) Entry Drive (15) Lava Garden (16) Agriculture (17) Existing Tree (18) BBQ Area (19) Entry Garden (20) Steps (21) Shower Garden.

Orientation and Design

With the long axis of the main wing oriented parallel to the trade winds, the broad expanse of openings – which face the mountains on one side and ocean on the other – are protected from the light rain. This orientation also maximizes views of the ocean; the elongated rectangle allows open views of the ocean from each of the social spaces of the main gathering pavilion.

Because the gathering lana`i is open and vulnerable to the elements, the floor finish is terrazzo or stone. Other materials include lava stone walls at supporting walls, cedar ceiling boards, and concealed steel framing, which provides support to the structure of the roof.

The Living Area

Living Area Key:

(1) Kitchen (2) Entry Lana`i (3) Dining (4) Bar (5) Family Room (6) Gathering Area (7) Library/Study (8) Steps - Access to Basement (9) Lawn (10) Gardens (11) Entry Garden (12) Water Feature (13) Garden Lana`i (14) Adjacent Detached Guest Bedroom.

Water Features

Living alongside water has a cooling effect, and water features are one of the key design amenities for this residence. The formal pool reinforces the geometry of the main gathering pavilion and is designed with a negative edge. The pool and the water Feature around the library/study are lined in ceramic tile to bring the intense blue of the South Pacific close to the home.

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