Kauhale Kai Compound

Hokuli'a Estate Site 13

Sited on a beautiful promontory of exposed lava overlooking Hokuli’a’s 7th fairway of the Jack Nicklaus signature golf course in the foreground and the Pacific Ocean and the village of Kona in the background, this residence is inspired by traditional Hawaiian homes. Tropical design concepts and time-honored building practices are used to fit the house naturally into its setting.

The house is built on a lava stone plinth that anchors it to the land while the roof planes appear to float in the sky. Broad overhangs protect the interior from the sun while its sliding glass walls disappear to unite inside and outside, allowing tropical breezes to flow through and cool the home. A river of hardened lava runs through the site between the living hale and the master hale. This ancient lava flow connects the house to important Hawaiian sources of energy, the mountains, and the sea.

While every room enjoys views of the golf course, then ocean; the linear structure of the buildings step delicately among the trees. Exterior surfaces of coral and stained cedar soften the buildings, and their subtle tones are an integral part of the landscape.

Design Concept

Planning Considerations

The Residence is comprised of five main zones:

  1. Arrival Experience
  2. Arrival Court
  3. Family Zone
  4. Guest Zones
  5. Service Zone

The prime objective is for the owners and guest to be able to enjoy tropical living overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Jack Nicklaus Golf Course amongst beautiful gardens with a sense of privacy. Similar to a boutique hotel; the service areas are separated from the gathering to minimize noise disturbance.

The Master, Library/Study and the Main Living areas are near each other, accessed through the Main Lawn and Gardens that are facing the magnificent Ocean and Golf Views.

The two Guest Rooms, Junior Master Suite and their common gardens are slightly pulled back to provide a sense of their own realm.

Zone Key:

(1) Family Room (2) Kitchen (3) Living Room (4) Detached Master Bedroom (5) Guest Room(s) (6) Lana`i (7) Library/Study (8) 3 Car Garage (9) Auto-court (10) Entry Garden (11) Water Feature (12) Negative Edge Pool (13) Lawn Area (14) Entry Drive (15) Mechanical Room (16) Laundry Room (17) BBQ Area (18) Agriculture (19) Street (20) Pool Changing / Bathroom (21) Family Theater.

Developed Plan

Upper Level

Upper level key:

(1) Gathering Pavilion (2) Kitchen (3) Lava tube Entry Drive (4) Detached Master Bedroom (5) Guest Room(s) (6) Lana`i (7) Library/Study (8) 3 Car Garage (9) Auto-court (10) Laundry Room (11) Water Feature (12) Negative Edge Pool (13) Lawn (14) Entry Drive (15) Lava Garden (16) Agriculture (17) Shower Garden (18) BBQ Area (19) Steps (20) Fire Pit (21) Mechanical Room (22) Natural Lava Area (23) Sculpture Garden (24) Trellis (25) Master Bathroom.

Lower Level

Lower Level Key:

(1) Mechanical Room / Storage (2) Elevator (3) Steps - Access- (4) Family Theater (5) Game Room (6) Family Room (7) Pool Deck (8) Lawn (9) Fire Pit (10) Agriculture (11) Lava Garden (12) Natural Lava Area (13) Wine Cellar (14) Pool Changing (15) Powder (16) Trellis.

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